onsdag 17. juni 2009

my first go as a Guest DT :) :)

hello :)
I just went by my blog a quick sec, just to brag a little :giggle:
This week, I am a Guest-DT, well sort of :) at : Veckans skiss
so fun and i'm so excited :)
thanks to the DT at Veckans Skiss for letting me take part in their fun! :)
peace and love

onsdag 10. juni 2009

a quick update ;)

Hello all in the blogging world!

thanks to all of you who wait patiently for updates and not at least, for some creative work from me again.

We are still waiting for the appartment we are to move into. They are still doing some work on it, so still we are living together with Kristian's parents... oh, yeah!

Not happy about it, I'm quite fed up at this point... yaiks! buuuut, I just have to hang in there, right? :lol:

We went by the apartment today, to let som telephone people insid to fix the line into the house, and as I was there, I stood inside the room that is to be my creative room. And I'm really looking farward to make it look good and to start working on prodject again. I've allready planded out how to put the tabels i'm to use, and where to put stamps and some other things. gosh! I really want to move in KNOW!! :lol:

so dear all bloggers, wait a while longer and sooooon I'm back again. And looking forward to take real part in the blogging world again. and last but not least, to look at all your creative creations you've all made since i entered the blogging world!!

peace and love