torsdag 30. oktober 2008

{Kreativ Hobby - Julekort utrfordring!}

Da har jeg kastet meg på utfordringen inne på Kreativ Hobby, jeg også. Jeg fant link inne hos Jeanette :) Og jeg tenkte som så, atte det hadde hvert morro. Men atte jeg har ikke så mange stempler fra dem....såååå jeg har bestill ikke mindre enn 15 stempler idag!! *lol*

så nå er målet mitt å lage ca 4 julekort i uka! helst av og til litt flere for jeg har nå et stooooort antall jeg skal sende til...tror jeg er oppi 40 julekort i år *lol*

(får se om jeg orker å lage te alle og en hver da :) .... )


Okey! Iv'e know registered at at challenge on Kreativ Hobby (link in the norwegian text), I'm to make 20 different christmas cards until the 15th of December, and the only requirement is that it has to be a stamp on the front of the card that is from Kreativ Hobby.

My only ''problem'' was, that I didn't have any stamps from them, that I remember though :), But...KNOW i do!! I bought 15 stamps from them today!! *lol*

so know my goal is to make at least 4 cards a week. I have a lot of people to send to, the list some how gets bigger every year *lol*

onsdag 29. oktober 2008

~Klatre~ -ScrappeMania {{ScRappen#5}}

Ceggo!!! :o) You've been scRapped!
This time at ScrappeMania, Ceggo's in the spotlight :)
And heres layout I thought was very inspirational, and I had really fun making my piece. And i just loved the way the whole layout was build up :)
here is mine;

Iv'e used; blue bazzil, green bazzil, pattern paper from Bohemia and BoBunny, Chipstickers from BG, Chipboard heart from panduro, big brad from Kort&Godt, nitted flowers made by Jeanette (thanx love :) )- I also used thickers giggles foam light blue, and offcours-distress ink 'vintage photo' :)
ps. i am not pleaced with the picture, so I think I will take a new one in daylight tomorrow :)

{ a great love for children }

Know I finally can publish this layout I made for -ScrappeKrigen- at, round 3.
I really thought that it was my time to leave the team, but it was a re-vote between me and Fantepie, and I went an won that one!! OMG I'm through to the next round!!
And know its time for the teams to team up .... and know my team (syvende himmel/seventh heaven) is teamed up with team nr 6 and nr 10 :)
wish me good luck *lol*
We were to scrap after a sketch. And I had this layout laying around, that I did not manage to finish. Just couldn't come up with any thing... and then I got this task and it just said; *pling* -hehe- And this is the one I wrote about, that took me over 2 1/2 hours to sew *lol* But I really had fun making it, and it is a layout that I made with the attention to give to my ''sister-inlaw'' (my brothers grilfriend :) )
I bought a frame too, and painted it with black hobby lackpaint, its looks great :)
She turns a year older tomorrow, so she doesn't get the present for her birthday, but oh well. better soon than never I always say *lol*
Heres the layout;
supplies; I don't know all the suplise, I think... hm, I used light green and dark brown bazzil, the pattern paper I don't remeber though. Iv'e used fancy pants stamp, tim holtz grungeboard swirl, chipboard hearts, Thickers giggles foam white, mini alfabet stickers from MM, magic mesh, heart with key and butterfly from Kort&Godt, heart brads, dark brown waxed floss, beige sewing thread and glitter glue/stick - and the butterfly I made with stamp I just cant remember the name on know, sorry...
some close ups;

{ Sommer kvelden er til for å utforskes } - MN-sketch

{The summer nights are made for exploring}
Made this one for last weeks sketch competition at Mammanet. Came at second place :)
Iv'e used green bazzil carton, an old pattern paper from panduro, magic mesh, melissa francess chipboard that I painted with crackle paint 'old paper', prima flowers, waxed floss, heart and butterfly from Kort&Godt, mini alfabet stickers from MM Thickers foam pink and white and offcours distress ink :)

tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

~Two more MN-lift-Layouts~

These once I made for the lift competition at, were we lifting this one of Anne Bente, here.
And I won with the white one! *jippi*
thanks for the votes :)

{Leker med Mamma}
mum and I playing.... here Iv'e used white bazzil, magic mesh, raindrops, home made needle pin, chipstickers from BG, stickers, ribbons and prima flowers.

{Høst 2007}
(autum-07)- Here Iv'e used Brown bazzil, red bazzil, red ribbon, red button, Tim holtz grungeboard swirl-painted with red hobbypaint, red raindrops, needl pin, lovely prima flowers and thickers foam white :)

mandag 27. oktober 2008

~A box for Cards~

I made this card box last night, its the same that Jeanette made, I got the link for the box from her, here you can find it: 12x12Box of cards
I first tried making it with a pattern paper, but then I though I might get it a bitt stiffer if I made it with Bazzil Carton, and I did. And I think it was nicer too :)
Iv'e used Greene bazzil and pattern paper from Basic Grey Christmas collection(last years I think...) Iv'e used Prima flowers, bling from Kort&Godt, Thickers Jewarly (?) and mini alfa stickers from MM.
I didn't decorate it more than this, yet. I might do it or I just leave it as is :) I don't know yet.
And I put in all the christmas cards I made so far.

~Sukkersött~ Challenge #13

I attend for the first time :)
And -
This weeks challenge on the Sukkersøtt-blog is made by Katharina Frei. She is the owner of A whiff of Joy. This is the sketch she made:
And here are mine;
Iv'e used blue and white carton and pattern paper from Melissa Francess (i think it is, last years) and ribbon, a metall bell from MM and mini alfa stickers from MM :)

søndag 26. oktober 2008

~Birthday Cards!~

Last night I made some more cards. There are so many that have birtdays coming up, so yesterday I made the last of them that I came to remember :) and that was 4!!
And when I make cards know, I try to use up the Pattern Paper that Iv'e started on, so thats why you can see the same on few of them ;)
Here they are;

Iv'e used pattern papers such as-We R Momry Keepers,CratePaper and one I cant remember. Ive used gruingborad, bling from Kort&Godt, stamps from Kort&Godt, brads, magnolia stamps, Crafty Individuals stamp, prima flowers, ribbons and black ink :)
I also started on the box I bouhgt wen I attended the Melissa Francess class at Bikuben. But I'm not yet finished with that one, so I wont publish it before I am, and that could take a while ..... sorry :)

lørdag 25. oktober 2008

some Christmas cards and a birthday card

Here are the cards that I made last night :)

'Gratulerer med dagen' it says around the edges, that meens Happy Birthday or congratulations ;)

Pictures and updates


Today, or tonight that is *lol* I finished my project for 'ScrappeKrigen' at I really hope that it will be aproved, because I see know that Iv'e used a bigger picture and it's standing... and the sketch we are to fallow, the picture is laying down.... but I wont know until tomorrow on that, because I have to wait for daylight to take a picture ;)
And then I have made no less than three christmas cards today, and yesterday I finished a birthday card. Those too I have to take pictures of tomorrow :)
I sadly came to a decision today, to not accomplish the task at Mania Runway... It was a task that was to complicated for me to do. We were to scrap our hectic daylife, and not use pictures of people..... I just couldn't come up with anything! I'm just not creative enough. Not know anyway...just a lot of chaos up in my head *lol*
But I'm really happy that I came this far at Mania Runway though! I never thought that possible :) :) So thank you all at Scrappe Mania for a great joy!! I will definitely try and join in next year too!! :) :) :) thank you and godbye! :)

onsdag 22. oktober 2008

{ på besøk til E***** }- MN sketch#42

{ Vissiting E***** }
This I made for the sketch competition at Mammanet # 42
And I won!!
Thanks for all the votes again!! :) :) :)

I really kept it simpel this time, and used a lot of pictures, and it was really a fun sketch. I do think I might use this on again soon.
Iv'e used; beige bazzil, Studio2Mers and Basic Grey pattern papers, draw and cut out the flowerj, used prima flower, brads and scalpell and distress ink :)

tirsdag 21. oktober 2008

Pictures of our Sunday trip to Bogstad Gård

On sunday me and my little family was on a little trip to an Open-farm, not far from us. Karoline just Loves to go there! And this day, was such a lovely day. The children slept though, but my man and I enjoyed the wether and playing around with our mobile phone camera, my new Fujifilm camera went dead un us *lol*
But the kids woke up and got to see some of the animals at the end :)
But then in the end, mum was to tired an sat on a bench and forgot to take photos of Karoline playing... but I got one picture of Viktoria seeing a goat for the first time :) :)
so here are som photos from our little sunday trip;

{ Melissa Frances Class }

Here are the results of the class at Bikuben, Melissa Frances "Sincerely Yours" by Carolyn Peeler. The box is dressed with beautiful paper, and ribbon. inside the box there is enough space to put cards. To eighter keep, or give away (the box with the cards).
We attended the class at Bikuben on Saturday, and attended a class by Carolyn Peeler from Melissa Frances. She was so nice, and really talented. You have to check out her blog, so much inspirational here
all the above text (almost all), I copied from Jeanette's blog, she write better english than me, and we attended the same class, and she rememberd what it was called :)
thanks Jeanette :)
the top;
the front;
the two cards we made at the class;
and here are the once I made at home ;