lørdag 31. januar 2009


Ta ut den 6. mappen i bildene dine på data`n din og deretter det 6. bildet i denne mappen.Sett bildet i bloggen din og skriv noe om dette bildet.Inviter 6 nye til å bli med på denne utfordringen.Link til dem, og la dem vite at de er utfordret.
Hi hi, denne har jeg håpet på få, og endelig kom den til meg :) Fikk den av Lillenala
Når jeg fulgte mappe oppsettet på dataen min (jeg har det ikke etter alfabetisk rekkefølge, sånn som det kommer opp når en skal laste opp...driver meg galen he he, må ha det etter år *lol*)
Men i hvertfall, I min 6 mappa var det 6 bildet dette her;
Dette bildet et av min eldste datter, for omtrent nøyaktig ett år siden, mappa mi var fra Januar 2008 :) Og det er ett bilde utfra en hel rekker bilder som viser tusta som leker og styrer rundt i stua. Roter, leker og spiser på engang :)
Jeg gir denne utfordringen videre til;

Kreativ Blogger ~Award!~

Hello everybody!
I got this award from Kristin, thank you sooo much :) I appreciate a lot! :)

And then I'm to do this :);
1) The winner can copy the logo to his or hers blog.
2) Make a link to his or hers blog, that you got this award from.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogers.
4) Make links to these blogs on your blog.
5) Leave a note in the blogs to those you nominated.
The nominated are:

(In norwegian text: ---->Derfor skal jeg gjøre føgende:1) Vinneren kan kopiere denne logoen til hans/hennes side.2) Lag en link til han/henne du fikk denne linken av.3) Nominer minst 7 blogger.4) Lag link til disse bloggene på din blogg.5) Legg igjen beskjed på bloggen til de nominerte.)

torsdag 29. januar 2009

{ Hos Fotografen }

{At the photographer}
For week 4 at lift-competition we lifted this layout of Vibeke. :)
I made mine in lettersize and used a picture of my self as a baby :) I'm little bit over a year old here, when my brother & sister & I was at the photographer :)
Iv'e used; pattern papers from Ladybug & friends and from websters page, chipboard flowers from Melissa Francess-painted with distress crackle paint, Prima leafes, Prima flowers (the small ones), Petaloo flowers, brads, bling-bling, charms, silk ribbon, BG stickers alfabet
Detail Photo;

tirsdag 27. januar 2009

{ New born baby girl Card }

A girlfriend of mine gave birth to her first child a few days ago :) And me and another girlfriend visit her at the hospital today. And her baby girl is just soooo beautiful!! And she fell a sleep in my arms! *happy tears*
Made a card just for her, last night. And here are the resolt :
products I've used; Bazzil, BG pattern paper and chipstickers, Petaloo flowers, Prima leafs, white waxed thread,magic mesh, stamp image from Magnolia, used distress ink refillers on image, text stamp from KH (saying something like-a miracle is born), used bling, arrow, brads, glitter glue and liquid pearl pink
some close ups;

fredag 23. januar 2009

{Holder baby'n godt}

{Holding the baby tight}
This layout I began working on, at the same time as the other on I published. But I didn't manage to finish it, because I got sick again...oh yeah! :( well well...
Iv'e lifted anne merethe's layout, you find that one here:)
We was to lift hers for our first challange at lift-competition :)
I see know, that I'm gonna make some changes on it... so I might change the picture when I do... I want to call it 'nini are holding the baby tight' - (Nini holder baby'n godt) and adding somthing more...I feel it missing something, I have to see if it fits when I get it in the mail :)
oh yeah! Iv'e shopped again *lol*
This is a picture of my kids theard-cousin, holding Viktoria for the first time. Viktoria is only 2 month old :)
Iv'e used; black bazzil, bubble-plastic, brown paint, Studio2Mersh papers, prima flowers and petaloo flowers, different bling bling, Grungeboard inked with black distress ink, also used pink liquid pearl on flowers and plastic. also used thread and sewed around :) and home made needle-pin, AC thickers and MM mini alfa stickers
detail photos:

tirsdag 20. januar 2009

~~ Spiser tåsa si ~~ {Scrappehuset challange S2M}

~~ Eating her toes~~
Finally Iv'e scrapped!! And this one I made following the sketch for the week competiton at but I didn't make the dead line.... But, hey! Know I can publish it here and take part in Scrappehuset's challenge!! :)
The picture is of Karoline, she's sitting beside her dad, having fun and playing with her toes :)
used; light pink bazzil, studio 2 Mersh paper (gonna find out witch one tomorro ;) ), used crackle paint, a notebook page, Petaloo flowers, prima bling and other bling, used liquid pearl, glitter glue/stick and ink pads. also used 2 different AC thickers :)
some close ups;

lørdag 17. januar 2009

.... Oh, just some more shopping Offcourse!! *lol*

Well!! When I can't work it, I can shop it!! Right? *lol*
Bought this perfect Craft Mate at Papir i Hjertet and some flowers. Also bought an album at Bikuben, and from them I also got 2 pattern papers as a thank you for shopping at them :) so nice!!

Today, I actually Scraped a page!! *woopeee!!* And I hope that I will get a picture of it tomorrow :)

onsdag 14. januar 2009

# Award!! #

Get out of here!! Look what I got! I'm so honoured!!
Thank you sooo much to Elisabeth, for giving me this one! I really appreciate it! A lot! :)
The rules are like this:
1. Put a link on your blog from whom you got it.
2. Give it to 5 new blogs (which in their turn have to give it to 5 new blogs).
3. Put a link on your blog to those blogs you give it to.
4. Give the blogs you give the award to a note that you have given them this award.
5. Write 5 things you are addicted to:
* My family & Friends
* My Scrapbooking
* My Laptop (lol)
* My morning sleep
* Coca Cola (oh yeah!)
There are SO many fabulous blogs out there, who'm I find lot's of inspirations from, so it's difficult to only pick 5. But here goes,
I want to give this award to:

tirsdag 13. januar 2009

~ Birthday Cards ~

So! Finally here they are, those cards I made during the hollyday :) The first one, the pink one, I made for our niece, who became 8 years old the 31'st dec. And the other one, sorry the bad photo quality, not good light the day I took it... The other one, I made for my dear man Kristian, he turned 31 years old on the 27'th of Dec :)
Iv'e used; black bazzil, pattern paper from BG, stamp image is from Papilio and the wall is a stamp from Magnolia- both painted with distress ink refillers, the onament (is it called that?) are from (i bought it at 'Hobby Himmelen') and the other text stamp are from Kreativ Hobby and the one at the top are from North Star Stamps:) - I also used prima flowers, bling from KaizerKraft, puple magic mesh, lots of charms from a pearl store near by, cracle paint, ticket and alfa stickers from MM. The stamp on the back are the one from and one of my personal stamps. the idea I got from Daniel :)
Detail Photos
please click on photos for larger view;


Iv'e used: beige bazzil, pattern paper from Cosmo Cricket, stamp image from Magnolia + the wall, tickets inked and painted with cracle paint, used alot of charms from pearl store nearby, brads and paperpins, magic mesh, MM mini afabet stickers and the text stamp are from North Star Stamps :)
Detail Photo;

søndag 11. januar 2009

~ Christmas Gift - The Shopping ~

Hi folks! :)
For Christmas I got a gift card from my brother and sister in-law, from the store 'Hobby Himmelen', it lies in Kristiansand.
And before I left for the hollydays, I stept by the store and shopped *lol* I got a gift card saying 400NOK, but I shopped for over 700NOK *lol*
It's just not possible to get out from a scrapping store with only to buy for 400, right? *lol*
Here is what I bought :)
(click on photos for larger view)

So, know... I just have to get well so that I can scrap again! :)
later I will publish som birthday cards, but I think that has to be tomorrow, know I'm very tired and feeling warn out.
so long!

~ After Eight box & ChristmasCallenderGifts ~

At New Year we were at some friends to celebrate, and I made this after eight box for the landlady (learned a new word there-lol-) And she liked it very much :)
Iv'e used brown and green bazzil, prima flowers, white magic mesh, pink tickets, no less than 3 image stamps from Magnolia, all painted with distress ink refillers :) aslo used glitter glue on flowers and KaiserCraft bling :) the text stamp is from North Star Stamps :)
here are some close ups;

And here are the rest of the gifts I got in my christmas callender :)
number 18 to 24 (in that order) :)
I'm very pleaced with what I got, so a very big thank you to my friends that organized it :) It was so fun! :) :)