tirsdag 30. september 2008

[Mammanett- lift & sketch competition Layouts]

{Tidlig skal jenta krøkes, som god shopper skal bli}
And it transelates something like this: -to be a real good shopper, she has to have an early start-
well, something like that :)
This one I made for this weeks lift-competition at MN, and I just have to say....I'm on the groooove *lol* I won this week!! wow, once again!! OMG! Thanks for all the votes ya'll! ;)
It's of my girl Karoline, btw. And here we are in the Zoo, in Kristiansand. And Karoline was sooo happy, she had won a duck, she got almost everything she pointed at (lol, when it is the childrens day, its the childrens day! ) and she had bought herself a new hat....
And I just like this picture so much :)
Iv'e used; Blue bazzil, brown bazzil, light yellow bazzil, pattern papers from whom I don't remeber right know, chipstickers from BG, Chipboartd from Panduro, raindrops, brads, stapels, prima flowers, blonds, paper pins, blue ticket, pink magic mesh, white arrow, needl pins, thickers pink foam, MM mini sticker alfa & distress ink 'vintage photo'

some detail photos;


{A Sister's Love!}
This one I made for the sketch - competition at MN, week 39.
WOW! i'm so overwhelmed!
thank you so much to all of you that voted for me! thank you :)
Here are my to wonderfull girls, laying at the floor. Karoline, the big sister, love her babysister so much, that she "attack's" her sister with hugs and kisses, everywhere she are!! so cute! But Viktoria is not aaaalways happy about it, thinks it's too much sometimes *lol*
but I just adore this pictures of them :)
Iv'e used; (burgunder) Bazzil, green magic mesh, purple magic mesh, pattern paper from (?don't remember), white carton, chipstickers from BG, photo corner in metal, brads, paper clips, needl pins, prima flowers, Thickers green foam and white foam & black velvet, blonds from Stoff&Stil, and I ripped all edges and inked them with distress ink 'vintage photo'. :)) loooooove that on, omg! *lol*

Some detail photos;

[ Blogg Candy at Karinas]

Karina has a very nice blog candy going! lots of lots of stamped images!!
Oh I really love those, so many nice once :)
go check it out! :))

mandag 29. september 2008

{ Cute As A Button }

I Scraped this one last night. It's of Viktoria when she's only 2 days old, and the first day she's home after birth :) And I written about her, that here she is so tiny tiny little girl, no less than 47cm, so she fitted right into her bigsisters doll-bed :) and she loved it so much, it was tiny and comfy, just like her :)))))

Iv'e used Pattern Papers from Scrapworks and K&Company, Pink Bazzil, Prima flowers, pink magic mesh, pink button, a heart, paperpins, a metal hand, bling-bling from kort&godt and distress ink 'tattered rose' :)

detail Photos;

lørdag 27. september 2008

~ Award! ~

I recived this award both from Anne Merethe and Jeanette! Thank Yout both soooo much! *klem*
Anne Merethe wrote this about me; du har utviklet deg mye den siste tiden. Syns du er kjempeflink, og LOene dine er kjempeflotte!
Jeane wrote this about me; She's such a sweet girl, always with some nice comment to give, on my layouts and photos, or cards. She's a very good friend. Really appreciates her. She's a really talented scrapbooker and cardmaker as well :-D.
And so I comed to those 5 I have too choose :) difficult as it is.....
but I come down to these, after finding out who is mye top 10 visitors :)))) ;
Anne Merethe; to you I give it back too, because you are one of my best visitors, and I just love your work! and you is ONE of them I can say thank you too for mye new style in scrappbook. And You always leave a lovely coment. thanks for all the inspiration *hugs*
Jeanette; It perheps a cliché too give the award back to those I got it from, but I really just have to give it back to Jeanette. Because se too, is one of my best visitors, and she too inspired me so much, that I can give her a lot av the credit to my 'new' style. I LOVE her work, and she is one of the best cardmakers Iv'e seen,too! And - best of all, she is my bestfriend! just love her! thank you ! :)
Anne Bente; Just simpelt LOVE her work, layouts AND cards!! love the way she use more than one pic on a layout. so I found a lot of inspiratoin from her aswell! and those layouts she uses one pic on, is just amazing too! And above all: She is my number ONE visitor, and she always leave a lovely little comet behind! love that. thank you! :)
Cathrine Angelica; She too, leave lovely coments and are also a very good visitor! Love her work! loved it so much that she's the one I choose for lifting at the competition this past week :) you inspire me alot, too. thank you!
Ninabakke; She just take the most fantastic pictures! And her layouts is lovely too! and I think she's very good to make sure the pic's are seen! And I love that she is one of my loyal participant in the scraplift-competition at MN. thank you for that! :)

fredag 26. september 2008

{ 3 Cristmas cards }

Here they are! the 3 cristmas cards I made last night :)
one 6x6 and two ''normal'' sized one ...

On this green card, I used green bazzil carton, whit carton, Melissa Francess pattern paper (form 2007 cristmas coll.) Magnolia stampels; Thilda and a fence. and used white hobby paint, used some brads and some magic mesh

On theese cards, I used blue carton , pattern papers from CratePapers and My Mind's Eye. a magnolia stamp that I painted with hobby paint:)
Oh, and yes, I inked with 'vintage photo' & 'antique linen'

{ Gjesp! er så trøtt }

{gape! so tired}
Made this one for the sketch-competition at MN, week 38.
And I went by and WON this one too!! WOW!
Thank you for voting :)
It sooooo fun!
It's of Viktoria, laying on my lap after eating. And she didn't wanna lay any other place but on my lap. where it's warm, cozy and lovin :)
Iv'e used brown and white bazzil. curled the white one, and inked it. painted white edge on the brown one. Iv'e used cut outs flowers from a BG pattern paper. brown magic mesh, stapels, Thickers brown vinyl and MM mini alfa stickers. used distress ink 'antique linen'

detail photo:



tonight Iv'e scraped one layout, whom I will not publish yet because it's for a competiton. And I scraped one card to my love, just because I love him! And Iv'e scraped 3 cristmas cards :) so I will publish the cards tomorrow when it's better lightning :)

so long!

onsdag 24. september 2008

{ You are the key to my heart!! }

I was challenged at MN, by Jeane! And the challenge she gave me was to scrap only one picture (because I like to scrap more than one ;) ) , I had to use 3 pattern papers, nothing could be in the color pink *hehe* and I could not use thickers or any type of stickers alfabet.... had to make my own :)

And here is what I came up with;
And, Yeah! I KNOW...the word heart is spelled wrong... I always struggled with that word *lol*
It's of my man, and our youngest daughter Viktoria. she's here, little over 3 month old :)
Iv'e used;
Pattern Paper from KI Memories (some ''old'' paper I had laying here)-two-sided
and on the letters, I used antoher pattern paper I don't remember the name on (= 3pattern papers used ;) )
Dark Brown Bazzil carton,
I also used green and bronze magic mash,
prima flowers,
tim holtz tag & heart (I think it is, I bought it from Trine/triurine) , one I coloured with distress ink and glitter glue and the heart I painted with distress Cracle paint (dont remember the name...),
two different type of brads,
a photo clip (or what it called),
matal photo courner,
needle pin,
Key and ''made with love'' heart from Kort&Godt,
Dark Brown waxed floss,
White foam i cut out the word 'key' in,
and the other text i've written with stamps,
and I just inked and inked with distress ink 'vintage photo'!! :)

some close ups;
(clik on the pic for bigger view)-

tirsdag 23. september 2008

#Forumutfordring# -Scrappehuset-

Scrappehuset starter opp forumutfordirngen 2008!
Her kan du se hva det går ut på!
Kjempe morro da! Lykke til alle sammen!!
Og for å feire dette, har de en liten blogg candy gående. Hvor man kan vinne Julekolleksjonen!! fra 3ndy Paper!!
Wow! Det er absolutt no jeg kunne tenkte meg!!
goooooo scrap!! :)

[En Liten Gutt]- Kort

[It's a Boy]-Card
I made this card last night, too a friend of mine, whom I visit at the hospital today. She gave birth to a prematur little boy last tuesday (born in the 27th week!!) Ang OMG he was tiny! It's the first time I saw such a little one. He was so fragile!! He was not bigger than ca 20cm from head to bottom, and waid no more than 545gram!! But his a strong little fighter, and squeesed his mothers hand for the first time yesterday. And thats a good sign she was told :)
Here Iv'e used one of the new pattern papers I bought yesterday :) cant remeber the name know. I also used green Bazzi, a magnolia stamp, MM mini stickers, wawed-carton, clams, stapel and a butterfly stamp (from panduro). And I used my new distress ink 'vintage photo' around every edge.(i looooove it)

some detail photos;

mandag 22. september 2008


I finnally got some money between my hands LOL, so I went down to Steffen's Hobby, where I attend a class last week. And I bought lots of two-side-pattern papers, stamps, distress ink and som clips (sort of)

{Mania Runway}

I just joined this cool challenge competition they'r running, at ScrappeMania!!
Come on! and join in too!!
It starts on the 3rd of oktober!

fredag 19. september 2008

[ 2 Card's ]

I was attending a class last night at a scrapbookingstore in Oslo (lent the link from Jeanette ;)... ), and here are my resolt from that:
Made a '''normal cized'' card, and we used the teckniqe -stamp on glossy paper- and painted with distress ink. And it was so fun making!! And I really loved the colors and the stach we used! loved loved :) This was actually the second card we made that evening :)

a detail photo;
Here is the first card we made, and it was a folding card, and REALLY fun making. It was a bit hard too, but I think it will be a bit easyer when I've done it a couple of times more :)
Love the magnolia stamp we got too choose from, so I might think I buy it some day *lol* And I really loved those punch out flowers too, so I have to have those too some day :)))
This card type, i deffintly going to try again!

the 'innside';

some close ups;