torsdag 28. august 2008

{ Far Far Away }

Here is the third one I started on the other day, and it too, I finished yesterday :)
This too, is a picture that my Man :) have taken with his mobilephone. On one of theire many trips to Frognerparken, here in Oslo. I just loooove this picture too!!
I've used;
pattern paper from 'once upon a time' small collection.
And I cut in pattern script to make a 'frame' for the pic.
old page sheet from a songbook
pink crown, diamant, key & flower-bling, from Kort&Godt
flower from basic grey
typed script on computer, printed it and cut out, painted edges brown and dused white over
inked edges on pattern papern with distress ink 'Tea Tye'
some details photo;

{ Tankefull lita jente }

{thouhtful little girl}
Here is the one I first started on the other day ;) and I finally finished it yesterday :)
I just looove that picture! My Man took it with his mobilephone, and was lucky too get the light shine like that. that made the whole pic so beautiful I think :)
so sorry again for the bad quality on the pictures
I've used;
green Bazzil Carton
painted with light green and brown hobbypaint from Panduro
Basic Grey pattern paper
flower 'bling' from Kort&Godt
diffrent buttons
brown waxed floss
lots of flowers form BG and Prima
Black vinyl Thickers from AC
MM mini alfabet stickers

Here are som details photo;

ScrappeMania { ScRapp #3 }

At ScrappeMania ; This time, it was Tovetyll we were to scrap :) A fun and playful Layout!
And a bit hard to make *hihi*
Take a trip into her blog and look at her playful style, its lovely!
Here I've used;
Basic Grey-raspberry- 'lollipop shoppe' -pattern paper
PlasticFilm (kind of like overlay) -as base
and a lot of other leftovers of pattern papers I had laying around :)
I used bubble-plastic (is it called that in english??) -and dipt in light pink hobbypaint from Panduro
And I've used green hobbypaint around the edges at the pattern paper, and white hobbypaint around the 'base'
used chipstickers from basic grey
prima flowers
ribons from Stoff&Stil
lots of different brads
hand and feet embellishment
alfabetick stickers
thickers alf. from AC
Here are som details foto;

onsdag 27. august 2008

Blogg Candy Fra Kristin!!!! {kreativ kristin}

Look at this fab blogg candy that Kristin is giving away! Wow!
I just found her blogg, and I just wow'ed me through it, she makes wonderfull works!! a lot of inspiration to find there *nodding*

so take a look in to her blogg and be Wow'ed too ;)

tirsdag 26. august 2008

{ Stolt 2 åring med ny stor seng }

{Proud 2 year old with new big bed}
I sat last night and played with some paint, I started with one layout, had to wait for that one to dry, so I started on a new one, hade to wait for that one too to dry- so I started on a third one :)
This Layout was the second one I started on, and the first I finished :))
Here I've painted the sheet under the picture, pink and addet white on the edges. I've also painted white edges on the picture itself an around the layout as a frame. I also used pink paint on the little heart :)
Here my girl Karoline just got her new 'big girl' bed. And she was so proud of it, that she wanted to go to sleep right away, and it was hours away for bedtime *laughs*
I've used;
light pink hobbypaint from Panduro
Black Bazzil
sheet from a notebookpad (cant remeber the name know)
chipboard stickers from BG
BG flowers
MM mini stickers alfabet
Thickers alfabet from AC
bling-crown from 'Stoff&Stil'
some details;

søndag 24. august 2008

Clear Card { 30 år }

I made this card, for the this card- competition at But I missed the deadline. oh well :) But then againg I could publish it here! :)))
It's a card I made for a friend who's cellebrating a late 30th birthday next weekend :)
I really had lot of fun making this :)

Here I used plastic packaging, sting holes and used rings to hold them together.
other things I've used;
Basic Grey 'Spoiled'-pattern paper
Bazzil carton
pink magic mesh
stamps (tekst and a swirl) and a stamp that says; hand made by (in norwegian)
big brown pirma flower
bling bling from Kort&Godt
different alfabet stickers
plane chipboard numbers
silver metal hand that say's-hand made-
I've used light pink hobbyPaint from Panduro
some distress ink 'tea tye'

Here are som details foto;

lift-competition week 34 at MN { 17. Mai kos }

I take the chance too put out this layout on my blogg before the voting is over, I can even now tell that I'm NOT winning *laughs*
These Pic was taken at norways national day, 17th of May. It's of my youngest daughter, toghether with her father and her cousin. Here Viktoira is 1 month old!
I've used;
White Bazzil Inkted, ript an sewed
Pattern paper called 'Love', cant remeber who from right know
a bit of a page from an old book from the 1800
ribbons from 'Stoff&Stil'
homemade norwegian flag
lots of hart brads
some prima flowers
magic mesh
a little key from Panduro
paper clip
thickers from AC
MM mini stickers alfabet
and offcours alot of distress ink :)

Here are som details foto:

and again, sorry for the bad quality ;)

lørdag 23. august 2008

update on the camera situation....

I was down at the store where I bought my camera. I it was a 'dead' end... It was no garanti case, because it had fallen... 'And it was no use to fix it, because it will possebly cost me more or just the same as a new camera... So I'm still without ....
So until I can afford a new one, I can just say that I'm sorry for the bad quality of the Pic's *flower*

ScrappeHuset-alt om Tone Fiskaa challenge { Back to Basic } nr2 :)

I loved the challenge so much, that I made another one. this time i made a dobbel layout.
But since I dont have a camera that can take pictures with them side by side, I had to take pic of them like they were singels. BUT IT IS A DOBBEL LAYOUT! :)

Here I've used;
2 Pink Bazzil
1 BG patternpaper 'Infuse*Seethe'
1 BG patternpaper 'sugared/precious'
BG chipstickers pelikan, flower, hart and alfabets
pink magic mash
blue brads
MM mini stickers alfabet
white arrow
paper clip
and the blue carton is from the frameCard the big pic was in, the pic we bought at the zoo :)
There you see the brown map-a-like patternpaper is, there I supos too hav the map of the zoo and the tickets, but I couldnt find that for the moment, so I used a substitute *laugh* but I think you see the Idè ;)

ScrappeHuset-alt om Tone Fiskaa challenge { Back to Basic }

The first challenge at ScrappeHuset, by Tone Fiskaa. Is all about going ''back to basic''. We were to have pictures and journaling in focus. And too be from a special happening or a trip and/or were there was to be more than one person in those pictures, and that it told a story. something like that, check it out here.

Iused pictures from our trip/vacation to the south of norway, my "hometown", Kristiansand. And the day that we were at the zoo :)
This is One singel Layout were Karoline is looking at all the animals. She loved it so very much and she could stay and look at them at the longest time :)
Here I've used;
Pink Bazzil
Basic Grey patternpaper 'Infuse'
plane chipboard alfabet
MM mini stickers alfabet
Basic Grey Chipsticker giraff

info ;)

Nå har jeg sittet å scrappet siden litt over ni. Og jeg har fått laget 4 Layouter!! (jeg bruker ofte 2-3 timer på 1! ) Og jeg har ikke brukt mindre enn 10 bilder!! så jeg er knall fornøyd!! Håper på finvær så jeg kan få tatt litt greie bilder med mobilen min... hm...lurer på om vi skal ta oss en tur inn til byen imorra vi :)
Jeg har scrappet en layout til en konkurranse (så den kan jeg ikke legge ut enda...) men ellers har jeg ikke scrappet mindre enn 3 Layouter (eller 1 enkel og 1 dobbel) for ScrappeHusets utfordrings oppgaven som Tone Fiskaa utfordrer oss med :) Jeg håper at dem blir godkjent da.
Men jeg må som sagt ta bilder av dem i morra ;)
Now I've been scrappin since nine o'clock tonight. And I've made 4 Layouts!! ( I usually use 2-3 hours on 1! ) And I have used no less than 10 photos!! So I'm verry Pleased! I hope for nice wether tomorrow, så that I can take some OK Pictures with my mobile :) I wonder if we are to take at trip into town tomorrow :)))
I've scraped 1 layout for a competition (so that one I can't publish yet...) and I've scraped no less than 3 Layouts (1 singel and 1 dobbel) for 'ScrappeHusets' challenge that Tone Fiskaa made for us (see links in the norwegian text). I hope they approve them :)
But I have to take the pictures tomorrow :)
so stay tune ;)

onsdag 20. august 2008

{ Lillesøster Viktoria }

This Layout I made for the sketch-competition week 32/33, at thanks for the votes i got :)
Here Karoline holds her litlesister, and they are just so adorable :) Karoline loves her sister very much :)
I've used;
dus green bazzil
basic grey patternpaper
sheets form a note book
chipboard stickers from basic grey
big brown prima flower
a litle key from Panduro
glitter glue
and offcorse distress ink :)

{elsker vippestolen sin}

This Layout I made for the lift-competition week 33, at I came at thired place, thanks for the votes I got :)
Here my youngest daughter sit at this chere that bents, for the first time. she's almost 1 month (i think *laughs*) And she loved it!
Here I used;
White Bazzil-inked with Distress Ink 'Tattered Rose'
Pattern Paper Mickey Mouse form some I cant remeber now...
filt harts from panduro
white buttons
white arrow
brown thickers
MM white mini alfa stickers
glitter glue

ScrappeMania {ManiaSommer} LO - ''1 måned gammel" (1 month old)

ScrappeMania's {SommerMania} -challenge was really fun to make. Here we were to have lots of lots of flowers on. At least 1 had to be handmade, and at least 1 had to be layerd.
So here is mine :)
the flower down to the left is handmade out of cleare shape, crackle paint, floss and buttons :)
and i've got two other flowers that are made of a piece of ribbon and most of the flowers i've used here, are layerd :)
other things I've used;
Studio2Mers sheet,
a sheet piece of an old book from the 1800
Prima flowers,
blondribbon from Stoff&Stil,
pink buttons from (I think it was Heidi Swap)
Thickers in pink and white -distressed inked
MM mini sticker alfabets
chipboard swirles from Panduro, and I used floss around it,
and offcours alot of dristress ink, here i've used: Tea Tye ;)
Here are som details foto:

sorry again for the bad quality on the fotos... not fixed my camera yet...

mandag 18. august 2008

{{ Scrappesnop }} fra ScrappeMania!!

Gratulerer så utrolig mye til ScrappeMania med over 20 000 besøkende!! Og med den flotte utfordrings bloggen er ikke det så rart!!

Der er flotte oppgaver og jeg er så glad for at jeg fant den siden. Og jeg bare MÅ titte innom der hver dag!! Og ved å feire dette, har dem fått seg ny flott header

og så fortsetter dem å feire ved at dem gir ut denne { scrappesnopen } til en av oss lesere!

Så stikk innom og ta en titt da vell! ;)