mandag 15. februar 2010

Rose Award!!

Such a lovely award to get! And I am so lucky to recive it from two great blog friends of mine, Guro (my fellow ''Kammperpike'') and Benedicte (my fellow ''Kort O Mania Girl'' )
A HUGE thanks and manny hugs to you both, I appriciate this award alot. And I apricciate you both so much too. I send it right back to you! ;)
And a very very big CONGRATULATIONS to Benedicte, who gave birth to the cutest little girl Friday!! hug hug!!

It's so hard to give this awards away to just some few great bloggers, when there is so many to choose from :) But I really have to give it away to my best freind Jeanette and my ''mother in the blogging world, Anne Bente :) (til min ''mamma i blogg verdenen'' hi hi... denne er intern )
I will also love to give it away to Vibeke, who I just admire a lot and she is the one who got me to start blogging way back LOL (remember?hihi).
And offcourse I just have to give it to my newest scrapping friend, here I live, Nicole. Love you girl and our Monday scrapping is the best thing ever!!
Want to give it to Hannake and Heidi too, but they don't got blogs yet ;) But I am so happy to have met them and love to get to know them better :)

And since it is so hard to pick names, I will give it to all of you who visit my blog every week and leave such lovely comments! I apriciate you all so so much! Tank You! :)


4 kommentarer:

Jeanette sa...

Du er nå søt da. Takk takk for herlig rose. :) Jeg har en pakke-ting til lille store Karoline - men får nok ikke sendt den før i morgen eller torsdag... håper hun ikke venter ivrig på noe fra Peder ;)Jeg håper dere får en kjempekoselig dag i morgen og feiring i helgen! Stor klem.

Jeanette sa...

Oh... glemte helt. Da skal jeg selvsagt få printet ut det digitale stemplet fra Mo's, og sende det sammen med presangen til Karoline. :)

Anne Bente sa...

100000 tak for awarden min pige, :),du skal vide jeg bliver såååå glad hver gang nogen tænker på mig.


Nicole sa...

Thank you very much, Linda, for this beautiful award. I also enjoy our monday-scrappingevenings. It's fun to be creative with friends.

Thanks again, I'm going to put it out on my blog now!!

See you on monday,
biiiig hugs from me!