lørdag 16. oktober 2010

birthday party

It has bin quiet here at my blog for a long time. Just some post with some of my DT works now and then.
My two kids has the varicella (had to look up the word though, thought it was actually called something with chicken poks or something hi hi, oh well..) anyway: they have bin sick all week long, but it is my oldest who got it bad. lots of, lots of spots all over her body poor thing, itching madly all the time but specially at night... so it has bin a hard week. But I shouldn't complane actually... more things worse than varicella out there!!
I am too, struggleing with something, I just don't know what it might be. I am just totaly out of strengh, and my body aches all over, specially after sitting for a while. specially at my back I have huge pain... If it continues I have to contact a doctor... I think... oh well... enough of complaning for this time, just had to say a kind of why there has not bin any other post here at my blog:D

But now I at least have a card I made for the new challenge we have over at Kort O Mania!!
The task this time is that you are to make a card or a creations of some sort with 5 stamps on the front of the project! It can be motivs, text, swirls etc... as long as we can se them all! :D
when I made my card, I had a lot of fun masking together 4 stamps of WoJ and a text stamp!
It is a very clean & simpel card from me this time, I am not to pleased with it, but it was what i manage to come up with this time...
here it is;

And then I have a card to show you, that I made when I attend at my ''scrapping club'' one time some weeks ago. where I made a little different welcome to the world card for one of the girls of our ''scrapping club'', that gave birht to a son little over a month ago now :D
the motive I am not sure where is from, but I got it from my friend Nicole at my ''scrapping club'' :D A very colorful card and this too I was not to pleased with how it turned out, but it was OK I think;
hugs from Linda S. L

5 kommentarer:

Anne Bente sa...

sååååå super nydelige kort vennen, håber i er ved at være friske,

lissy-hanne sa...

sød sødt kort.
Jeg har en lille meddelelse til dig å min blog.

Nicole sa...

Hi girlfriend!
I think both of your cards are great. But you know, I do like the bright colours (and this is definitely no vintage!). Hope you and your girls feel better soon!

Hope to see you tonight! Big hugs from me....

Kianel sa...

hej Linda,
your cards are just lovely and soooo cute!
love from France, Kianel.

Guro sa...

Dakkars; håper ungene dine er helt friske snart! Sykdom stjeler mye krefter. Håper du også får energien tilbake snart, det er ikke gøy å hangle.Nydelige kort du har laget her. Stilig disko, og herlige farger på nyfødt kortet. Syntes det ble veldig fint jeg; morsomt med litt utradisjonelle løsninger :-D
Masse god bedring!!!
Klem Guro