søndag 4. januar 2009

~ Happy New Year! ~

to all! ;)
Hope you all had a wonderful christmas too, and a festival celebration of the new year :)
I'm finnaly back for the hollydays, came home to Oslo last night.
And in my mail box laied the packedge from Unni, with the blog candy that I won! *Jippi!!* And OMG! what lovely things it was, I just cant wait to create again :) And check out that nice card she sent aswell, gorgeous!! Thank you so much Unni! Just loved the card and all of the Candy!!
(please click at the picture for larger view)


I also have a lot of pictures of things I made during the holly days, and infact som pictures of some gifts I didn't manage to publish. So that will come here during the week I think. But sadly I have to say, that I have to, maybe... *lol* ... take a brake on creating... I'm still sick, still strugeling with sinusitis and on top of it all, I know have a very sore throat :( And are know going on my 3'rd cure with penicillin....will it never end?...

but hey, i'm not going to pitty my self here... just went by to tell you all a happy new year, and hope to come back stronger than ever, sooon as possible!! :) :):)

so long :D

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Jeanette sa...

Godt nyttår, vennen. Trist du fremdeles er syk. Håper du nå blir kvitt all den leie sykdommen. Ha en flott uke, og så flott candy du vant :).