mandag 18. januar 2010


I got this award from Aud Kirsten. Thank you so much love! apriciate it so much! :)

The rooles of this award are as follow;

1. Copy the award to your blog
2. Link to the person whom you got the award from
3. Tell 7
interesting things about your self
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to send the award to
5. Link to theire blogs
6. Leave a comment on theire blog to tell them about this award


It's quite hard to come up with seven interesting things to say about my self, but here goes:

~ I am a mom of 2 lovely little girls.
~ I am engaged to be married, but no one knows when, not even me -lol-
~ I always have to check out my mailbox every day, both e-mail and snail-mail :)
~ I really love coca cola and chocolate, just a little bit to much - but are getting better to not eating or drinking either in the week :)
~ I love to have things organized, even if it doesent seem like I do...
~ I am soon to be a hous owner for the first time in my life, just keep fingers crossed so that I can be in about six month or so :) :)
~ I've lost 15kg since august/september 09, just by walking to kindergarden and work, to and from :)

The ones I like to give this award to, is;
Karina, Jeanette, Gry-Heidi, Siv Anita, Anne Bente, Nicole-sommerfugler fra norge & Tracy.

4 kommentarer:

Karina sa...

Tusind tak for awarden. Det var sødt af dig.

Gry-Heidi sa...

1000 takk for awarden, Linda ! Koselig at du tenkte på meg :o)

Klem :)

whoistracy sa...

You are so sweet to think of me Linda!!

Nicole sa...

I am so honored and happy happy to get my first award from you! Thanks so very much!!

Big hugs from me. See you again on monday...