fredag 17. oktober 2008

~ Birthday present and some shopping ~

Yesterday my sister came to town! And I met her, Jeanette and another girlfrind of ours, at Steffens - before we went to eat at Fridays, on Aker Brygge :)
And my sister bought me som things for my birthday, I got it a bit early because she's not seeing me wen we turn a year older ;) *lol*
Am I lucky or what! look at what she bought me!! ;)
Thank you soooo much siss! I love you!! :)

And offcours I didn't manage to get out of there without bying something myself! *lol*
And here is what I bought:

Yesterday I sat down late, after I came home. And I began on the Mania Runway task and also the ScrappeKrigen task! And I finised them bouth!! So now I can breath a bit lighter *lol* But I was not in bed until ten past 03.00 *yaiks* I'm very tired today, ohhh yes! :) oh, well. its not the first time *lol*

5 kommentarer:

Jeanette sa...

Super søt shopping, og så flott gave fra søs du fikk! :-D Sannelig fin presang ja. Du får visst noe fra meg etterhvert og he-he.... ;)

cathrineangelica sa...

oooh, flott shopping:):)

fim header og bloggen din er

øsnker deg en strålende helg videre!!!

Anne Bente sa...

åhhh, så lækker shopping du der har lavet.

Solblomst sa...

Wow, så mye fint da. :)

ninabakke sa...

Flott shopping!