lørdag 25. oktober 2008

Pictures and updates


Today, or tonight that is *lol* I finished my project for 'ScrappeKrigen' at I really hope that it will be aproved, because I see know that Iv'e used a bigger picture and it's standing... and the sketch we are to fallow, the picture is laying down.... but I wont know until tomorrow on that, because I have to wait for daylight to take a picture ;)
And then I have made no less than three christmas cards today, and yesterday I finished a birthday card. Those too I have to take pictures of tomorrow :)
I sadly came to a decision today, to not accomplish the task at Mania Runway... It was a task that was to complicated for me to do. We were to scrap our hectic daylife, and not use pictures of people..... I just couldn't come up with anything! I'm just not creative enough. Not know anyway...just a lot of chaos up in my head *lol*
But I'm really happy that I came this far at Mania Runway though! I never thought that possible :) :) So thank you all at Scrappe Mania for a great joy!! I will definitely try and join in next year too!! :) :) :) thank you and godbye! :)

2 kommentarer:

Vibeke sa...

Herlige bilder!!! :)

Skal du kutte ut RunWayen?? Du har jo fortsatt noen timer igjen :)
Håper det dukker opp en skikkelig god ide hos deg!!:)

Linda sa...

tusen takk :)
hoff ja, nei de ideene lar vente på seg gitt...