tirsdag 17. februar 2009

~ Happy Birthday Karoline!! ~

Today (17th) my oldest girl turnes three (3) years old!!
For her birtday she wishes; pink present, pink cake, blue Cinderella dress, pink bicycle and a horse that rocks (gyngehest).
As you can see, every thing is to be pink these days *lol* Oh yeah, except that Cinderalla has a dress thats blue, so the dress is GOT TO BE BLUE! ha ha
So today I've baked muffins, jello and birthday cake (that I have to finish tomorrow), and those muffins I baked today, Karoline is to have with her to the kindergarden...buuuut! I'm a bit rusty in the cake buisiness, so I didn't make enough, well I did make enough, but I forgot to grease the pan, so they where stuck :( oh well, we fix it by buying some ice-cream *lol*
I'm still not finished with what I have to do before everybody arrives tomorrow. I'm to have a birthday party for the kids in karolines department... and they arrive here at four. And I still have to make more muffins, finish up the jello and the birtday cake. and cleane up the rest of the house! gosh!! *lol*
But I think it will be an okey day :)
wish me good luck even though *lol*
Have a good day!
and thanks for stopping by! ;)
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Hugs and kisses

4 kommentarer:

Anne Bente sa...

tillykke tilykke med datteren, håber i får en super dag.

Bente sa...

Gratulerer så mye med dagen, Karoline! Prinsene mine hilser ;)

jane sa...

Happy birthday to your little girl.. hope you have a wondelful pink day day .. ss

Jeanette sa...

Gratulerer med dagen, Karoline :)