mandag 7. januar 2013

a ''mini-box-drawer'' tutorial

I have today, a mini box-drawer ... or as in norweagian we say: 'mini-komode' ... I couldn't find a word for it in english though....
It is a long time ago that I made this one, sometime last year infact. But as so many things, I have not come around to publish it yet ...
I made two of them, one eatch for my two little girls, and they just LOVE them!
They have all of theire little things in it, like shoes and accessorize to Barbie and other dalls accessorizes, they have ''hair-stuff' like buckles, hair band etc... marbles, play-phones ... etc etc ... lots of lots of little things :D

Here are some pictures on how i turned it out from a -plain- ''to -much- collorfull''- stack of cardboard, into cute vintage design :D
 picture 1: Flat-packed cardboard, picture 2: how it is ''supose' to look like, picture 3: four cute drawers, picture 4: the drawers after I painted them with base paint.

Picture 5: Here you can se how it was after base paint, and after using snow paint all over it :D
picture 6: Here you can se the fronts of the drawers after I used decopage and napkins to decorate with

Picture 7 & 8: here you can se both mini drawers when theire finished. One I've used white base paint, and the other one i've used blue base paint. Both of them are totaly covered with 'snow-paint' :D

Thank you for stopping by for a look.
Hope you liked it :D

Big Hugs

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