tirsdag 8. januar 2013

DT-Card Kort 'O' Mania Challenge 77!

Over at Kort 'O' Mania Challenge blog, a new challenge is finally out!
Challenge # 77 - Potpourri
It's all about using left-overs, paper scraps and bling etc.
Tell us what you've used and maybe even take a picture of what you use, challenge your self for instent. Take a pack of left-over papers etc, and say: I will make something out of this pack and enter Kort 'O' Mania challenge! :D :D
Come join in on the Fun! :D
 Here is my DT - creations:
 First I found a match box that I've had for a while, found a bunch of papers end left over scraps, and said: I'm gonna use only these things, and I am to decorate this box and even make a card :D
So i did! :D
Above you can see the match box, and I think the left-over paper I've used here is from Pion Design or Marianne Design..., image is from Minnehjørnet, the text stamp is north star stamps and was a tag I had laying around just waited to be used for something :)

Here is the card I made, also using the same paper + a paper from panduro (a really old one that I propobly have had for yeaaaars now), the heart border is the edge of the design paper, also used some sticker letters here that I had laying just because theire where water damage a bit. but hey, they where usable for the vintage style I thought :D :D Image is Magnolia, painted with Copic Markers!

Big Hugs
Linda S. L

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