mandag 8. september 2008

{one callender, one little book and one half finished milkcartoncard}

Jeanette has the Bind-it-all-machine and teached us how too use it and let us make what ever we liked!! Thank you love! :)
And I just say; THATS ONE MACHINE I HAVE TO GET!! *he he*
I made this simple callender for myself, so that I can keep track of all the deadlines of all the fine challenges, in all the diffrent forums and blogs i visit :)
I've used; lots of bazzil carton, callender stamp from 7gipsyes (?) and hand writing :)

And, then I made a little book, were I can write down all the fine challenges and Idees I attend/find :) This one was really fun making :)
I've used; -lots of different bazzil carton. - Basic Grey pattern paper. -AC Thickers Vinyl Black. - MM mini stickers alfabet beige. -Norwegian text stamp, saying something like this; the world is full of opportunities! Seize them!!
details photos:

I also started on a milkcarton card, but I didn't come further than making the basic - so I have to put it aside, until I get more Idees how to decorate it, and until I find who is getting it :) :) But it was fun making the basic though :))) I made it out of Basic Grey Pattern Paper.

4 kommentarer:

Anne Bente sa...

fin kalender og bog,og jeg er sikke rpå mælkekartonen også bliver fin :)

Vibeke sa...

Så lurt med den kalenderen!!!:) Jeg skriver ned frister på ark jeg...Og borte blir dem...Kanskje jeg skal lage meg min egen lille scrappe kalender:):)

cathrineangelica sa...


digget den boka, var råfin:)

Jeanette sa...

Herlige ting altså! :)