lørdag 27. september 2008

~ Award! ~

I recived this award both from Anne Merethe and Jeanette! Thank Yout both soooo much! *klem*
Anne Merethe wrote this about me; du har utviklet deg mye den siste tiden. Syns du er kjempeflink, og LOene dine er kjempeflotte!
Jeane wrote this about me; She's such a sweet girl, always with some nice comment to give, on my layouts and photos, or cards. She's a very good friend. Really appreciates her. She's a really talented scrapbooker and cardmaker as well :-D.
And so I comed to those 5 I have too choose :) difficult as it is.....
but I come down to these, after finding out who is mye top 10 visitors :)))) ;
Anne Merethe; to you I give it back too, because you are one of my best visitors, and I just love your work! and you is ONE of them I can say thank you too for mye new style in scrappbook. And You always leave a lovely coment. thanks for all the inspiration *hugs*
Jeanette; It perheps a cliché too give the award back to those I got it from, but I really just have to give it back to Jeanette. Because se too, is one of my best visitors, and she too inspired me so much, that I can give her a lot av the credit to my 'new' style. I LOVE her work, and she is one of the best cardmakers Iv'e seen,too! And - best of all, she is my bestfriend! just love her! thank you ! :)
Anne Bente; Just simpelt LOVE her work, layouts AND cards!! love the way she use more than one pic on a layout. so I found a lot of inspiratoin from her aswell! and those layouts she uses one pic on, is just amazing too! And above all: She is my number ONE visitor, and she always leave a lovely little comet behind! love that. thank you! :)
Cathrine Angelica; She too, leave lovely coments and are also a very good visitor! Love her work! loved it so much that she's the one I choose for lifting at the competition this past week :) you inspire me alot, too. thank you!
Ninabakke; She just take the most fantastic pictures! And her layouts is lovely too! and I think she's very good to make sure the pic's are seen! And I love that she is one of my loyal participant in the scraplift-competition at MN. thank you for that! :)

5 kommentarer:

ninabakke sa...

Så koselig :) Tusen takk!

Anne M sa...

nesten så jeg blir litt rørt her jeg leser;) Kjempekoselig, tusen takk skal du ha. Det setter jeg stor pris på!

Anne Bente sa...

1000000 tak for awarden,hvor er jeg glad for den, og ikke mindst de skønne skønne ord du sendte med den, bliver helt rørt jeg 10000 tak vennen

cathrineangelica sa...

tusentusen takk!
nå blei jeg glad langt inn i hjerterota mi asså:)

Jeanette sa...

Du er nå aldeles herlig, vennen min! Gla i dæ! *stor klem*

Må treffes snart, men sees uansett torsdag?